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Would you like to build your own pool?
Save some money? Be hands on?

If you would, you may be a candidate to Build Your Own Pool in the Houston, TX. area. What we offer is design work, construction drawings, budgeting, contractor/vendor pricing along with consulting help. We can help you schedule your construction time line and provide good contractors to do the work. You would supervise construction. Typical savings are in the 10% - 20+% range depending on your project. Call Kathy at 281-433-7429 for more information on this program.

The joys of owning your own swimming pool are endless. No longer will you be dependent on the days and hours your community pool is open. You always know who has been in the pool and its water quality. You are going to love having your own pool!

Getting to that level of enjoyment takes some time to create and may cause a bit of aggravation in the process if you are not prepared. Keep in mind a Big Hole is going to dug in your backyard! Follow along to see the steps of construction of your pool that you can typically expect:

Your backyard is going to undergo a face lift. Your existing telephone, cable and sprinkler system lines will be at risk. Before the dig occurs, call your phone and cable companies and have them locate your lines and mark their routes. If they are within the dig area of your pool, you will need to have these companies reroute them well out of the way. This will help (not prevent) them being cut during the building process. If you have a sprinkler system, turn off the main water line for your sprinkler. Be prepared to have your sprinklers rerouted after the pool is built…after all, now you will have a pool in the area you used to have grass and you won’t want to water your pool!

We will have your electrical and gas lines located prior to the dig. Keep in mind that if your gas or electrical runs are going through the dig area, you will have to pay the utility company to reroute them out of the way. We have not calculated any cost for this possibility, because we do not know in advance if this condition exists.

Make plans for children and pets that will no longer have an enclosed yard during the building process.

On the day of the dig, the crew will arrive with form boards to stake out the pool per the design created, a bobcat and dump trucks. The bobcat will need at least 7’ of access to go from your yard to the dump truck. Of course, the area over which the bobcat must travel to the bobcat will cause tracks. A bobcat is used to minimize the weight on your driveway or grass. As the bobcat is digging and placing the dirt in the dump truck for hauling away, the rest of the crew are digging by hand to create the smooth wall lines and special shapes. On the day the pool is dug, your first installment payment is made.

Once the pool form is dug, the next phase is for the steel to be installed to create the solid wall that will become the interior of your pool/spa. This entails the meticulous shaping by hand of rebar in a criss-cross pattern throughout the pool structure.Plumbers will also set the drain lines and interior plumbing components in this phase.

In this phase, the interior walls will be permanently built with Gunite, a mixture of cement and sand, mixed on site and sprayed on the interior of the pool and spa. The mixture holds to the rebar and creates a solid form. During this phase, benches, steps and any other item on the drawing requiring Gunite comes to life. On the day Gunite is applied, your second installment payment is due. You will need to water your Gunite twice a day until water is permanently added.

Next comes the plumber who will dig the lines and lay the PVC pipes from the pool to your pool equipment location. Those pipes are then covered with dirt (another area to be repaired by you when the pool is complete). The electrician will follow with the installation of electrical lines necessary to operated your pool.

During the next phase, the material you have selected for the exterior rim of your pool (coping) is installed. Within this stage, you will also see any boulders/rocks placed. If you have a waterfall, it will be built during this time.
The waterline tile inside your pool rim is installed as well. Your 3rd installment is due when this process begins.

The material selected for your walkways and surround of the pool is installed.

You are getting close to swimming now! The interior surface of your pool and spa are applied. The plaster is troweled over the Gunite, smoothing out any nicks or gouges in the Gunite in the process. All of your equipment is set for start-up once the pool is filled with water. Your final payment is due at this stage.


Before you swim, you will be schooled in how to operate and care for your pool. Be sure to have everyone present for the school that will be conducted at your home, listen carefully and take notes. A well-informed pool owner is a happy pool owner. Enjoy!